"I’m 30,  from Cebu , I started music during highschool days, i was part of a band (Religious Community (youth for christ) for almost 7 years..." - Joe Vince


Joe Vince is a singer-songwriter from Cebu City who started playing music when he was  14 years old. He started his career as a lead singer of a worship band for Youth For Christ, a religious youth group that was a big part of his teenage years.


He moved to Manila to pursue Music Production and while at school,he would do events and gigs during his spare time. He sang at weddings, birthdays and various corporate events! He also got to experience busking in BGC.


In 2013, he was invited to take part in Ryan Cayabyab's Element Song Writing Camp. This was the event then opened many doors for him including a guesting in the show "This is my story, This is my song" where he got to do an impromptu musical composition with Juris of MYMP.


His musical inspirations are  Brian Mcknight, Corey Henry, Ray Charles, Boyz2Men, Allen Stone, Mac Ayres, Bruno Major, Anderson Paak, Daniel Ceasar, Etc.


His musical style is:

 90's R&B/Soul Acoustic

Which artist/singer has influenced you the most in music?

How did he influenced you (in what way)?


"I grew up listening to a lot of genre. So I can’t say that I was only influenced by one artist. I kinda mixed it and learned from different artists. Like my falsetto, I learned it from Nyoy Volante, My low notes/folk style from Noel Cabangon and my Rnb-ish style from JayR. I also considered Brian Mcknight, Corey Henry, Mac Ayres, etc. because I love playing with chords/Jazz stuff. Jazz and soul gives me freedom…” - Joe Vince

Expand on your musical style. "90's RnB-Soul Acoustic"...  how would you define what 90's RnB Soul Acoustic music is to your audience?


"I think everyone from the 90’s below have heard 90 R&B style, but what I’m trying to do is I wanna make people feel good in a solemn or clearer way of playing music that don’t need loud kick, or high frequency snares, or noisy electronic effects. Sometimes people need clarity, so they could understand the lyrics, for them to receive the story, to hear the soul and be able to listen the relationship between the music (organic instruments, melodies) and the story. So for me, my own definition of my style is raw but soulful..." - Joe Vince


Trademark and Trivia :


Joe is the singer and composer of the song 'Masaya ka na ba' which has been covered by a lot of independent musical artists.


"Masaya ka na ba" was inspired by Joe Vince's break-up with his first relationship.


The same song was also used as a background music for Madam Kilay's break up vlog which garnered over 6 million views.


Joe's voice has been used as one of the voices for the ABS-CBN show :



Joe Vince is a self taught guitarist and piano player.


His song "If I could just" is one of his most listened to song in SoundCloud.